Engineering solutions in the field of
lubricants and sealants

About the company

ATF is the Authorized MODENGY, EFELE, Dow, Molykote Distributor on promoting the high-tech silicone, lubricating, adhesive, and sealing materials, and technical liquids on the Russian Federation territory.

Do you need to improve your technological processes, discover new markets, or gain competitive advantage? The team of the best experts is ready to help you do so in an impeccably quality way.

We are able to find and implement the best solutions in the specialty materials field whether it is complex industrial assembly or simple equipment maintenance.

Over 700 professional materials are presented in our product range

Thread and assembly pastes, greases, dispersions, oils, compounds, silicone fluids, protective and anti-friction coatings, cleaners, sealants, and other materials.

Today, ATF company solve the tasks
of various difficulty in the following fields:

ATF company successfully keeps developing its challenging and important business. Our inner structure, technological effectiveness, knowledge and experience accumulated for years of running enable us to create new promising directions and trends in contemporary industry and maintenance service.

Since 2004 we have been a reliable business partner for many domestic enterprises. The materials and solutions that we offer successfully operate in the various industries.

The materials we deal with include


MODENGYTM anti-friction solid lubricating coatings are the innovative materials which improve anti-friction and anti-corrosive characteristics of the friction surface, extend the service lifetime, and increase energy efficiency of the equipment manyfold. In many cases, these coatings are applied once and keep operating for the entire service lifetime of the item providing required lubrication, and protection for the surfaces against wear and corrosion.



EFELE product range includes several groups of materials, containing high-tech lubricants, pastes, oils, anti-friction coatings, dispersions, adhesives, coolant-cutting fluids and other products. All the materials are made on the basis of Russian and foreign high-grade components and meet the international standard requirements.



Since 1948 Molykote lubrication technologies successfully helped to solve the most complex problems in tribology application. Sometimes called “magic lubricants”, Molykote lubricants were originally based on the use of molybdenum disulphide as a component that could be combined with a wide range of base oils: from mineral to fully synthetic. At present Molykote materials are – industrial oils, lubricants, dispersions, pastes, anti-friction coatings, compounds, cleaners, powders and other products.



Dowsil offers high-performance solutions for various tasks to more than 25 000 customers all over the world. As a global leader in silicon- based technology and innovation Dow offers over 7 000 products and service. Dowsil products include high-performance silicone sealants, compounds, special fluids, foams and other materials.



Xiameter is a business model of Dow Corning Corporation creating effective technologies for providing customers with a wide range of silicon-based products. Xiameter materials have become standard for millions of customers around the world and they do not need promotion or advertisement. A product mix of Xiameter is presented by: rubber, emulsions, antifoams, sealants, fluids, modifiers, silanes and other materials of different brands manufactured by Dow Corning.