Engineering solutions in the field of
lubricants and sealants

EFELE brand history

EFELE brand is owned by the Russian Effective Element company, a manufacturer of special lubricants, adhesives,  sealants & technical liquids  for  industrial  and domestic uses.

Many technological challenges, which manufacturing plants face, can be solved without attracting of great investments and with the minimum of capital investments.

Special service materials, which contribute to the significant inventory costs, equipment downtime during maintenance reduction, energy savings and optimization of ;production costs are used to achieve it.

Lubricants, which are present currently at the market, are different by composition, quality and other characteristics.

Produced in the US and Europe complex synthetic materials are often hardly available for Russian manufacturers. These materials delivery times are too long and have highly volatile prices, that depend mainly on market opportunities. Simple ubricants, produced by Russian manufacturers in accordance with GOST, generally are lower in characteristics.

After long-term scientific explorations and preparatory stage of development of compositions, correct formulation and testing,

in April 2015 “Effective element” company set up its own production. And that is how EFELE brand was born.

Starting with lubricants, most required by segments of the consumer market,

EFELE company constantly traces new niches and provide increasingly complex materials to solve non-standard complex tasks for different industries.

All materials developed and produced by EFELE company are in full compliance with the strict requirements of modern international standards and only Russian and imported high quality materials are used as components.

EFELE materials produced for assembly and maintenance of equipment offer excellent value for money and excels domestic and many imported analogues in terms of this parameter.

Currently EFELE range of materials is presented by innovative anti-friction coatings, hi-tech plastic greases, pastes, oils, dispersions, adhesive materials, coolants and other material groups.

Many EFELE materials are physiologically harmless, food grade approved and has been certified by the NSF International.

Use of EFELE brand materials in line with the recommendations of our engineering team guarantees performance and reliability of manufacturing plants equipment.

EFELE - Effective element of Your production!