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EFELE SG-301 water-resistant grease provides trouble-free running of the separators at baby food production
To solve the issue of lubricating materials washing out of the separator bearings, the enterprises on baby food producion use EFELE SG-301 water-resistant grease.
Producers of crab meat sticks choose EFELE SO-868 synthetic oil
EFELE SO-868 oil demonstrates great technical performances, due to which it has gained confidence of the specialists of the enterprises on crab meat sticks production.<br>
EFELE SO-881 Spray heat-resistant oil extends service lifetime of rotary ovens at bread-baking plants
The specialists on maintaining rotary ovens have highly evaluated technical performances of EFELE SO-881 heat-resistant oil  from Efficient Element company.<br>
EFELE SO-789 high-temperature oil has gained confidence of OSB-plates producers
Unlike conventional mineral and synthetic oils, EFELE SO-789 doesn't coke, nor forms solid deposits. Due to this, it reliably protects chain gears of press equipment against premature wear.