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Molykote L-0500 Spray protects automotive components against corrosion
Heat resistant aluminum-zinc coating provides the parts with protection against moisture and corrosion. It is widely used to maintain vehicles as the most updated and efficient mean.
The DuPont company has presented a new grease to manage NVH characteristics
Molykote G-1079 provides as low friction coefficient between the mating parts as possible preventing arising noises and vibrations.
Molykote Separator Spray enables to make the dairy products as quality and safe as possible
Using Molykote Separator Spray NSF H1 food grade silicone oil allows the enterprises of the dairy industry to produce the products that meet the established technical regulations and quality standards.
Molykote P-37 thread paste optimizes maintaining the equipment of the chemical enterprises
Molykote P-37 thread paste is used at the chemical industry enterprises, providing easy dismantling equipment units at holding servicing works.