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Silicone compounds will extend service life of the light-emitting diode (LED) equipment
Implementation of the new silicone sealants and foams from the ATF distribution materials range on the assembly conveyors will provide IP protection to the produced LED devices.
EFELE CF-621 cutting fluid is becoming a decent replacement for the imported lubricoolants
In accordance with the import substitution program, the enterprises on automotive components production more and more often use EFELE CF-621 cutting fluid of the Russian Efficient Element company instead of the imported materials.
ATF products for distribution based on solid lubrications have helped at equipment mounting at the metallurgy plants
The technical services of the metallurgic enterprises remark high efficiency of the threaded pastes from the ATF distribution products range, and widely used them at equipment mounting
EFELE materials have provided the record time of continuous running of the mining and processing plants equipment
EFELE MG-213 grease operates 2 times longer than the foreign brands analogous materials. It has been implemented into production and is used to lubricate the continuously running equipment of the mining and processing plants.