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EFELE CL-590 has increased efficiency of aluminum food containers production
EFELE CL-590 Spray is used as a separating agent at containers cold stamping. The producers of the containers remark non-toxicity of this product, absence of any odour, optimal effectiveness-to-price rate.
Molykote Separator Spray assists to producers of food package
Molykote Separator Spray silicone separating agent prevents melted polymer raw materials from sticking to matrixes and molds, and thus provides trouble-free plastic package production process.
In April 2022, DOW teleconference took place where ATF took part
ATF company has taken part in The Stronger Together! Conference arranged by DOW Corporation. This event was dedicated to Dow Consumer Solutions activity in the EMEAI regions.
ATF company has become a participant of the VacuumTechExpo 2022 Exhibition
At the exhibition of the vacuum equipment, the ATF specialists have presented the company's specialty products for distribution. Signing new agreements has helped enlarge geography of supplying the products.