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MODENGY coatings are applied onto the lead screws of the automotive lifts
Use of MODENGY anti-friction solid-film coatings at production and maintenance of automotive lifts provide reliable operation of their mechanisms as well as cardinal reduction of their wear.
Polymer film producers have preferred EFELE SO-704 vacuum fluid to the imported analogs
Use of EFELE SO-704 has enabled the enterprises to extend service lifetime of their equipment, and to cut down costs for purchasing maintenance materials
Truck spoiler producer factories use MODENGY coatings
After applying MODENGY PTFE-A20 anti-friction solid-film coating on moulding equipment on producing spoilers, a thin separating layer is formed that prevents constructive material from sticking.
Experts on manufacturing drill bits for drilling wells choose MODENGY coatings
Using MODENGY anti-friction solid-film coatings on slide supports of the drill bits enables to significantly extends resistance and service lifetime of the tool.