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MODENGY brand history

MODENGY coatingsThe Modeling & Engineering, LLC (Modengy) is the developer of the unique solid lubrication technology, and the creator of MODENGYTM anti-friction solid lubricating coatings.

The work on creating anti-friction solid lubricating coatings (AFSLCs) started in 2008 It was then when a group of enthusiastic engineers thought about how to improve the lubrication technology. Developing of the special coating based on the solid lubricating substances lasted for 9 year, and the first stable results of their testing were obtained in 2017, and that fact initiated the Modengy company.

That same year, the young creative team was awarded with the Diploma from the government for its contribution to innovative development of Bryansk region. Bryansk is the very place where the major engineering and production potential powers of the company are concentrated, their own scientific laboratory is arranged, and the workshop on AFSLC applying is located.

The Modengy company pays its special attention to control over quality of works, that’s why all laboratory tests and bench testing are held in strict accordance with the international standards. MODENGYTM solid lubrication technologies are the unique method to extend the service lifetime and increase energy efficient of the machines by improving surface quality, and reducing the wear as much as possible.

The anti-friction coatings easily withstand the extreme operation modes where ordinary lubricants are not effective: under conditions of radiation, vacuum, high contact pressures, ultra-high and ultra-low temperatures. These materials are demanded in aerospace industry, in automobile building, in oil-and-gas industry, and metallurgy.

MODENGYTM technologies give the enterprises completely new opportunities in solving the most complex tribological chellenges, that’s why they attract enormous interest not only in Russia but also abroad.

The Modeling & Engineering company is responsible for quality of its materials, and guarantees their durability: the anti-friction solid lubricating coating are to be applied just once, and in many cases, they provide surface protection for the entire service lifetime of the treated items.