Engineering solutions in the field of
lubricants and sealants


Provide efficient operation at extreme operating conditions, reduce downtime and emergency cases, increase productivity, profitability and competitive ability on a global scale.

ATF successfully solve these challenges by offering its customers ready-to-use adjusted and proven solutions as well as up-to-date innovative materials to meet all demanded requirements:

  • high load carrying capacity,
  • pumping ability in centralized lubrication systems,
  • washing-out resistance against process water and emulsions,
  • high anti-corrosion properties,
  • wide service temperatures range.

It allows not only to provide effective production equipment maintenance, to reduce unscheduled downtimes and emergency cases, but also in many applications even improve its performances, to increase productivity, profitability and competitive ability on a global scale.

Metallurgy is one of the leading domestic heavy industries due to which virtually all the other fields of the national economy keep running and successfully develop in scientific and technical direction. This industry is based on domestic raw resources and is focused on both Russian and abroad consumers. At the present time metallurgy includes ferrous- and non-ferrous metals production using natural raw materials, their alloys production, cold and hot metals working; heavy machinery of all kinds designing, manufacturing and operating; by-product coke industry and fireproof materials production.

Despite this industry’s critical importance its operating conditions for the production equipment are very extreme: constant temperature and speed drops, severe shock loads,  higher humidity, abrasive dust presence, working medium corrosive chemical attacks and a great deal of other adverse factors.

All these factors result in increased requirements towards materials which are necessary to maintain production equipment in the stable functional state and to prolong its service life up to as long as possible.