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With our solutions and experience you will see new possibilities for the wind-powered generators production and operation. Learn how you can convert kinetic energy from the free atmosphere air streams into electric power more effectively.

Since they operate on the unprotected outdoor areas under continuously changing weather conditions, the wind-powered generator of all kinds (with horizontal and vertical axis, rotary units and in combination with solar panels) need  a proper and well-timed maintenance to sustain their reliable and durable operation. ATF company has enough experience and a full range of the materials necessary for this purpose.

Wind power engineering is a relatively new but very prospective for Russia and a very actively developing power industry. For the country where there are a lot of vast outdoor territories open to all winds it is a very profitable way of producing power of all kinds for different industrial and daily living needs.

The wind energy is renewable and virtually inexhaustible natural resource, extremely environment friendly and available in any area and inhabited locality. Based on the advanced up-to-date technologies the wind powered generators can convert kinetic energy of the atmosphere air streams motion into electric power quite enough for small facilities power supply as well as some daily living needs such as street lighting or cellular communication base station power supply.

The high-altitude wind powered generators enable to use profitably powerful and stable air streams even over cities with high population density what contributes a lot to a better ecology in them and reduces need in fossil and combustible fuels. Wind engineering facilities are indispensable for power supply to distant and hard-to-reach areas. Wind engineering is just starting its skyrocket development at the territory of our country and we are happy to keep up to date with progress and to contribute to the further development of this direction.