Engineering solutions in the field of
lubricants and sealants

Efficiency and Competitiveness

Threaded connections are the most demanded and multipurpose type of detachable joints. ATF’s solutions will enable to add new operational properties to a fastener, and to bring production to a new level!

One of the most common types of the detachable joints is threaded connections. Bolts, screws, studs, threaded clutches, ties, and the other fastening elements are widely used to provide fixing, increase strength, achieve tightness, to set and adjust mutual location of the mating parts.

Threaded connections are simple in their structure, and have a minimum cost. In comparison with the connections of other types, they are the most versatile, technological, reliable, and enable multiple assembly and dismount. In addition, the fastening elements must comply with the strict requirements what is impossible to achieve without applying up-to-date technologies and high-performance materials.

ATF engineers have a rich experience, they have designed a variety of the unique developments in the field of improving performance properties of fasteners.

Applying the innovative materials based on the solid lubricating compositions significantly improve reliability of a fastener by allowing to control the tightening force of it during assembly, by protecting it against corrosion, jamming and seizures under the most severe operational modes.

Let’s unite our efforts in order to achieve the high results together, and to increase significantly efficiency and competitiveness of production!