Engineering solutions in the field of
lubricants and sealants


High competition in the market of cement materials requires the maximum responsible approach towards your business policy. Now it is possible to keep increasing the manufacturing procedures efficiency and to become the leader in your industry!

ATF engineers suggest their assistance for solving this issue as they have enormous experience of the innovative materials introduction into various industries including the cement one.

Cement is not accidently called “the bread” of construction. As the major binder it is widely used in the concrete production and the water mortar production as well as in the Oil & Gas and some other industries. Cement takes the second line in the rating of consumption following water, it is the main material for construction and re-construction of the various objects of infrastructure, in manufacturing of building blocks, railway sleepers, building tiles, construction panels and a great deal of other items. The cement manufacturing enterprises are crucial for any country’s economy.

The up-to-date solutions of high technology and materials of high quality that our company offers to its customers enable the cement industry enterprises to set their production procedures going trouble-free and to achieve the high economic indexes.

Application of our project developments is the keystone of the maximum efficient business to ensure that your enterprise will take the leading position in the industrial market.