Engineering solutions in the field of
lubricants and sealants


Power engineering became a key field of the human business and economic activity. We know how to achieve the highest reliability of different energy resources conversion and distribution systems of all kinds.

Our solutions and materials are highly demanded and widely used in all energy sectors, especially those ones producing, converting and transmitting electric power. It’s the most important kind of energy since it’s easy and convenient to deliver it to the consumers and to convert it into any other necessary kind of energy (for instance thermal, luminous, mechanical or chemical).

The technologies and ready solutions offered by ATF significantly contribute to productivity increase and electric power generation efficiency, reduction of power losses during its delivery and consumption. We also do our best to develop and promote wind power engineering application in our country as an alternative energy generation means.

Any energy equipment technical features are intended to provide uninterrupted power supply and its efficient and economically sound usage. This is the primary concern of our experts and specialists while designing the unique projects according to our customers needs and requirements. The issues of environmental safety are also included into their duty and tasks list.