Engineering solutions in the field of
lubricants and sealants


Success guarantee for food processing enterprises includes not only new technologies and up-to-date equipment but also the innovative materials we can offer and provide to every our customer.

Our company offers a wide variety of different materials for food processing equipment. The up-to-date solutions developed by ATF engineers contribute to its efficient service emprovement.

Food & Beverage Industry is one of the largest sectors of the national economy. In order to survive under tough competition conditions it is necessary constantly improve quality and enlarge the product range while reducing costs due to business efficiency increase. The advanced manufacturing technologies application and up-to-date equipment introduction help a lot to achieve these goals. Such equipment requires properly selected materials for its maintenance otherwise all kinds of troubles, failures and downtimes leading to the financial losses for the enterprise are inevitable.

The innovative materials and technologies suggested by ATF engineers for food processing enterprises allow to prevent troubles in the most important machinery units as well as to effectively solve their service problems and minimize maintenance downtimes.

The materials recommended by our company to be applied on the food processing equipment units are absolutely safe for health, approved for accident food contacts, kosher and halal assured.

We have a rich experience of cooperation with food processing enterprises many of which achieved full compliance with HACCP principles due to our assistance. Make your step towards the international quality and safety standards together with the team of ATF professionals!