Engineering solutions in the field of
lubricants and sealants


The textile industry is one of the oldest sectors of the modern industry and the one of the most demand. It provides the prime public needs with its goods and keeps its urgency for centures.

Since we understand the textile industry significance and consider its specific character, ATF experts do their best to prevent any possible production problems as well as to increase this industry enterprises development rates and its end product quality.

The textile industry’s primary function is to produce threads, fabrics, knitwear and other goods made of the fibers of vegetal, animal or chemical origin. As a conventional part of the domestic industry it provides almost the half of the domestic light industry total production volume. The textile goods are intended to satisfy both the needs of the population (production of clothes, shoes, soft furniture, ect) and to cover the needs of the producing enterprises.

The textile enterprise efficiency absolutely depends on the equipment, the automation level and the technologies they use. It is really important to analyze the manufacturing procedures in order to solve the production problems that exist already as well as to prevent them to raise in the future. This is exactly what ATF engineers deal with every day.

Many Russian textile enterprises can’t afford good modernization nor total technical re-equipment. That is why our modern materials and expert solutions can play especially significant role in the issue of their production capacity increase.