Engineering solutions in the field of
lubricants and sealants


Every day the electronics keeps taking more and more care about us making our everyday life easier and more comfortable. We will help to create convenient and reliable electronic devices for durable service life.

You will be surprised with our wide range of up-to-date materials that will keep your electric and electronic devices in a great in-service state providing their reliable operation for a long while.

The intended function of any electrical device is electric power transmission and transformation while the primary purpose of all electronic devices is information processing, reception and storage. Electrical appliances are our indispensable helpers in private life and at manufacture. Since they are in use virtually non-stop they need proper and timely maintenance. Typical requirements include usability, safety, power-saving, reliability.

Smart materials and technologies from ATF have repeatedly proven their utility and efficiency for electrical appliances and have been recognized and approved by the leading manufacturers who recommend them to their end users.

Some of the main requirement towards up-to-date electronic devices is transmission content increase, electric energy input decrease, low noise level, portability. ATF Company offers ready-to-use solutions and power-saving project for all kinds of electronic devices: consumer, industrial, office equipment, measuring outfit and navigation electronics in vehicle supervisory control systems.