Engineering solutions in the field of
lubricants and sealants


Due to its high social significance and high demand in the industrial and household sectors, printing industry attracts more and more attention of the business sponsors every year. We will help printing enterprises to hold their stable position under competitive environment conditions.

ATF company deals with the high quality materials only which are successfully used in the printing industry and have been trustworthy with the customers globally for a long while.  

Printing industry focuses mostly on production of the printing matter of all kinds including that one for personal use such as books, newspapers, magazines, posters, maps, etc.; for the advertising purposes as well as for industrial needs, for instance, paper packaging, wrapping, labels, forms, associated papers, etc.)

Printing technology is divided into three stages like following: forming, printing and finishing. During the printing stage the colorful images are transferred off the printing plate onto the receiving surface. The choice of the finishing method depends on the kind of the final product. For example, during books and magazines printing they use the complex binding procedures. According to the type of the printing enterprises they are called in a different way: typography, colorful printing plant, offset printing-works, etc. Recently more and more private printing houses and specific trading companies have been established.

Printing enterprises of all kinds and levels need qualified maintenance for their equipment. ATF engineers are ready to suggest the most efficient solutions for this. Our projects are based on the innovative materials application and a package approach towards solving the pressing technological tasks.

The up-to-date technologies achievements enable the printing enterprises not only to improve printing quality but also to develop some new directions such as promotional printing products production, laminating, pictures printing out, etc. The ATF company keeps abreast of this industry development and designs the its engineering projects accordingly to meet all its requirements.

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