Engineering solutions in the field of
lubricants and sealants


Russia is the world leader on timber resources. The richest natural resources enable to use wood as raw material for a wide variety of industrial needs. We help to make your woodworking process more efficient.

Woodworking industry is very important for the country economy. Using the timber as raw materials the woodworking enterprises treat in mechanically and chemically to result in getting the half-finished of wood or completely finished products such as pieces of furniture,   wooden packaging, saw-timber, matches, cross-ties, sports and kitchen equipment, music instruments, etc.

In the conditions of the contemporary market competition the major aim of the woodworking enterprises is to keep their labor efficiency high and to minimize their equipment failure risk. Achievement of this goal is the result of the proper business management with the use of optimal solutions based on the innovative technologies and materials that are offered to you by our company’s engineers.

Every year the woodworking industry goes on through a new development stage including equipment upgrade, technologies improvement, product range enlarging. In relation for this ATF company keeps designing its new projects, improving and replenishing already existing projects because whenever they are implemented into production it contributes to making it the most efficient and productive.

Reach perfection in your business together with us!