Engineering solutions in the field of
lubricants and sealants

Available Resources

Russia is the country with richest natural resources including mineral resources. The mining industry products are always in demand on the global market. We will help to make mines’ activity more efficient.

The ATF company successfully deals with mining enterprises with a view to increase their equipment reliability and to reduce their maintenance costs.

The mining industry integrates a number of the branches dealing with exploration and mining providing the following products: mineral energy raw materials and mining chemical feedstock, ore of the ferrous and non-ferrous metals, precious and ornamental stones, underground mineral waters.

The mining industry development and its sites location depends on both the natural conditions (enough volume of the mineral resources within the earth and their availability) and socio-economic factors. The high demand on the extracted raw materials causes the future of this industry direction and therefore a tough competition between the enterprises within it.

The mining companies aim to increase their labor effectiveness as much as possible and to reduce their process costs. We cooperate actively with them providing them with our innovative solutions on individual requests and high-quality materials able to withstand hard service conditions.

The mineral resources mining field takes one of the leading positions in the global industry. The new sites are being under construction now while already existing mining enterprises keep ramping up their facilities. We will help you to hold your high level and to achieve the new production records.