Engineering solutions in the field of
lubricants and sealants


Each and every equipment quality plays important role in providing production efficiency and outlet product quality. Today businessmen are ready to deal with those manufacturers only who meet their high requirements towards equipment quality.

We have wide opportunities and many years’ experience in equipment production and maintenance field. Our engineers and experts successfully manage solving a number of problems the machine-building complex face daily by offering the manufacturers of all kinds of equipment the ready-to-use packaged solutions for their strictly specialized challenges. Our constant customers include the largest domestic machine-building and instrument making enterprises as well as manufacturers of electric and electronic equipment which is necessary for effective automatic control over the large-scale production lines and packages.

Efficient production with high output product quality is impossible without high-technology machines and powerful heavy machinery. The machines that combine their high productivity with high accuracy of the executing operations and high reliability are in especially high demand at the market.

It is possible to make the difficulty of such equipment maintenance easier and at the same time significantly reduce these costs by choosing properly selected expendable materials and ready technological solutions for primary operation problems. And the last but not least factor here is these materials to be ecologically safe and environment friendly.