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Success and stability depend largely on the employees, partners and customers' health. So, ATF actively supports and promotes healthy lifestyle.
Sometimes you have to make great efforts and experience tremendous overloads to achieve the set goals in the modern business. You need a strong health to cope with the challenges successfully, to accomplish the assigned tasks and to make your plans come true.

One of the fundamental principles that ATF applies as guidance in its activity is ‘By helping others, we develop ourselves!’ For the purpose of making the healthy lifestyles more popular, we provide information support to those Russian projects whose basic tasks is making doing sports and general physical training more popular.

We take care of our specialists that they could keep up in a good physical form. We regularly arrange some sports events for the ATF and the partner companies' staff members. There are sports facilities set at the office for those who wish to do sports when they are out of duty.

The healthy lifestyle is a significant motivation to more efficient activity and permanent business development!