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lubricants and sealants


Any person’s desire is to be happy. We help to make at least some of the orphans a bit happier.
We don’t stay indifferent to other people’s misfortunes and we believe that even a mite contributed into the common good deed is invaluable. If we help the orphan children we make their complex life happier.

The problem of providing the orphan children, who live in the state orphan homes and the specialized healthcare institutions, with everything required is still pressing enough in our country.

Charity is a major component of ATF's social policy. We arrange help and support in various ways to those who need it badly.

ATF helps the children of different ages who are deprived of their parents' love. In order to make their life cosier and lighter, we participate in landscaping of the children houses' territories, invest into erecting the children's construction projects. In order to spread information about the orphans' needs to as many caring people as possible, our specialists creat, run and support approriate
thematic web-sites.

We do hope that our help will affect favourably the kids' lives while society and the world will get better due to this.