Engineering solutions in the field of
lubricants and sealants

Lubricants and sealants application in equipment

Merbenit products for bonding and sealing in shipbuilding
Merbenit adhesive-sealants present the product range designed for use in shipbuilding. These products meet the requirements of the International Maritime Organization.
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Solutions from Merz+benteli ag. Sealing and bonding in transport industry
In this article you will find brief information about Merz+benteli ag company, Merbenit products and these sealants advantages for transport industry. It also contains recommendations on Merbenit general purpose and specialty adhesives/sealants applicaion during automotive and railway vehicles assembly.
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Dow Corning products for oil-and-gas industry
Over many years, Dow Corning Corporation has worked to develop advanced sealing and lubricating technologies for oilfield equipment operating under extremely severe conditions. This article reviews the areas where these technology-driven solutions from Dow Corning successfelly manage the tough jobs and challenges right in the field operation conditions involving heavy loads, corrosive environments, searing heat and numbing cold.
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Materials for refrigerating equipment assembly
Merbenit materials with food grade approvals and fungicide additives not only meet all the requirements on bonding and sealing but also provide observing all technological, sanitary-and-epidemiologic and other standards during the entire refrigerating equipment manufacture and assembly process.
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Merbenit adhesives and sealants for the lighting items production
Merbenit hybrid sealants are the latest developments result in the elastic materials field. They are produced on basis of MS-polymers and integrate the best properties of the materials on basis of silicones and polyurethanes.
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Up-to-date lubrication technologies for reliable tightening and fasteners protection.
This article considers typical threaded connections assembling, operating and dismantling problems as well as these problems solutions with Molykote thread pastes, dispersions, cleaners, anti-friction coatings and corrosion preventing coatings.
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Dow Corning Specific Lubricating Materials. Solutions for Woodworking Industry
Technological process of plywood, woodchip board and other wood stuff production requires a lot of equipment items. The high quality lubricating materials are necessary for repairs and maintenance of all this woodworking equipment. Friction units operating takes place under conditions of high temperature expose, impact load, humid and dusty environment. The conventional lubricants fail in many working situation. In this booklet you will find recommendation on Molykote high performance lubricating materials for woodworking enterprises providing solution for lubrication problems in friction units of roller and hot subpressed, work spindles, drying chambers, edgebanders and debarking machines.
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Conveyor systems. Up-to-date lubrication technologies as a helpful assistance to mechanical engineers.
Contemporary requirements towards conveyor systems make it necessary to use up-to-date lubricating materials and technologies for units and mechanisms maintenance. This article convers the requirments towards the lubricating materials for belt and overhead conveyors including those for their typical units repairs and maintenance.
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Molykote Lubricating Materials for Printing Industry
Printing equipment units operating usually take place in conditions of paper dust presence, at high temperatures and under heavy loads. Molykote & Dow Corning products for printing enterprises are designed to meet the high requirements on thermal and oxidizing stability, water and dust environment resistance. These products usage enables to extend lubrication change intervals, to reduce material consumption, to prevent producing equipment off-schedule downtimes. In this booklet you will find recommendations on Dow Corning brand lubricating materials application for printing enterprises equipment units.
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Automotive Appearance Chemicals Product Selection Guide
Dow Corning provides an array of performance-enhancing solutions for manufacturers of products for automotive surfaces, including waxes, polishes, and tire and vinyl protectants. Dow Corning’s silicone-based innovations offer choices that allow manufacturers to differentiate their products by improving shine and durability while modifying water beading potential, sheeting effect and feel. Silicones impart a range of perceived benefits to automotive surface products destined for use in the institutional, body shop and retail markets.
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Specific Lubricating Materials and Sealants for Oil-and-gas Industry
Oil-and-gas industry equipment is characterized by the most extreme operation regimes. Dow Corning Company provides efficient solutions for these operating problems as its specific lubricants and sealants increase equipment reliability and service life till the highest possible levels, contribute to repairs and maintenance costs reduction, provide environmental safety increase.
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Molykote Lubricants for Body & Interior Applications
Find the ideal Molykote® brand lubricants for automotive body applications (window regulators, door and trunk locks, exterior mirrors, wipers, and sunroof) and interior applications (seat components, door trim, dashboards, console box, seat-belt system, airbags, interior switches and combination switches).
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Lubricating Materials from Dow Corning for Baking Industry
Bakery products producing equipment reliable performance mainly depends on lubricating materials quality used for its maintenance. Dow Corning products specially designed subject to this industry specifics such as extremely high temperatures, corrosive media and flour dust presence in the air, so when you use them it will help you to remain your mechanisms performance stable, to prevent off-schedule downtimes, to extend intervals between adjacent lubricant changes and to prolong equipment service life time. In this booklet you will find brief guidance on Dow Corning brand lubricating materials selection for bakery equipment units.
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Driving the Future: Enabling Innovative Powertrain Design
Molykote brand lubrication solutions from Dow Corning provide high performance, reliability, design flexibility and value for powertrain systems. In this guide, specific Molykote solutions are suggested for these systems: cooling and climate control, engine, transmission, drivetrain, and fuel/air systems.
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Molykote® Lubricants for Electrical Applications
Find the ideal Molykote brand lubricants for automotive electrical applications, including starter motors, alternators, ignition systems, engine-control systems, wiring and harnesses, electrical fans, switches, actuators, and micro motors.
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Lubricating Materials from Dow Corning for weight-lifting equipment and earthmovers.
Construction equipment operating means that active running periods follow maintenance periods on a constant base. Sometimes these periods take approximately equal whiles. A substantial costs reduction can be obtained by means of providing as long failure-free work periods as possible. In this booklet you will find recommendations on specific lubricating materials from Dow Corning combinations application for weight-lifting equipment and earthmovers units which completely meet high requirements on load carrying capacity, oxidizing ability, wet and dusty environment resistance and и ability to provide equipment units high reliability.
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Molykote Lubricating Materials for Vacuum Pumps
Almost none technically complex production process can avoid using vacuum pumps which units operate under harsh conditions. That is why it is necessary to use specific lubricating materials which can survive in vacuum and have low base oil evaporation level. In this booklet you will find brief guidance on selecting lubricating materials from Dow Corning for vacuum pumps units.
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Dow Corning Specific Lubricating Materials. Solutions for gas equipment.
The gas enterprises main task is trouble-free, efficient and safe gas supply to the consumers. And the lubricating materials play the key role in providing durable service life and leak-proofness for gas equipment elements. So, they must meet a number of requirements such as capacity to work in gas environment, compatibility with elastomers, good sealing properties, etc. In this booklet you will find recommendations on Dow Corning brand products use for gas enterprises equipment operating, repairs and maintenance.
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Сельское хозяйство. Современные технологии смазки в помощь механику
В брошюре рассмотрены основные проблемы, возникающие при эксплуатации узлов сельскохозяйственного оборудования и техники. Даны рекомендации по решению этих проблем с помощью смазочных материалов Molykote и герметиков Dow Corning.
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Lubricating Materials from Dow Corning. Polymer materials processing.
Every year polymer materials production in Russia is getting more and more important. Only specific lubricating materials should be used for polymer processing equipment units maintenance, those ones able to resist high temperatures and pressures. In many cases NSF H1-approved oils and lubricants are required. In this booklet you will find recommendations on lubrication solutions on this area equipment operation with the help of specific lubricating materials produced by Dow Corning Corporation.
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Special Lubricating Materials from Dow Corning for Dairy Industry
Dairy industry equipment operates in conditions of constant high humidity, heating, exposing to detergents and disinfectants. At such operation conditions many conventional lubricants fail. Besides, accidental food contact is possible at some processing line points. So, such conditions require application of some specific safe NSF H1-approved lubricants and oils without any odour or taste which don’t impact final goods quality. In this booklet you will find brief guidance on lubrication solutions for dairy industry equipment with the lubricating materials from Dow Corning.
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Molykote lubricants for corrugated materials making industry
Brief guide on Molykote lubricants selection for applications on equipment units and assemblies used at corrugated cardboard making enterprises.
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Molykote lubricants for machine clamps
This is a guidebook on selection lubricants for mechanical clamping chunks, pneumatic clamps, drives and rotating units, hydraulic support holders used as machine clamps. It also considers troubles arising during these devices operation and the ways of their solving with the use of Molykote greases pastes, anti-friction coatings and compounds.
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Molykote materials application for high-voltage equipment
Reliability and quality of high-voltage equipment operation depends a lot on its units’ contacts and connections condition. Unfavorable effect of environment, sparking or electrical arcs cause oxidation and damage of the contacts, threaded connections, etc. Specific lubricants prevent such failures occurrence and considerably decrease energy losses during transmission. This report suggests recommendations on selection of Molykote lubricants for high-voltage equipment units such as bushing insulators, dischargers, disconnectors, power cutoff switches, fixed contacts.
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Molykote lubricants application for freight vehicles
Road freight transport plays an important role in the transport system of the country. Increase of its units reliability results in maintenance intervals extention what enables companies-carriers to save substantial funds. The presentation considers the requirements towards the lubricants that different systems and freight vehicle units demand. It also gives recommendations on Molykote & Dow Corning products application for more than 60 different units. The structure of this presentation is easy to find in it a solution for each units or system of the car.
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Motor mechanic’s repair box
Here you can find a guidebook for quick choosing Molykote lubricants for solving troubles with automobile units operation as well as during maintenance.
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Molykote lubricants for ventilation equipment
Industrial fans are an integral component of any enterprise’s equipment in any field of economical activity. Depending on structural specialties and work conditions of the fans it is necessary to use lubricating materials with different properties. This presentation covers in brief the structural specialties of the fans of different types, presents their classification according to the purpose, marks out typical operation problems of their units and joints such as bearings, threaded connections, gaskets and pads as well as give recommendations on solving these problems with the help of Molykote lubricating materials.
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Molykote lubricants for gears
Reliable operation of gears and its separate units depends a lot on the lubricating materials used. This article describes the requirements towards the lubricants for different units of gears, typical operation troubles of open and closed gear wheels, rolling bearings, cup-type seals, gaskets, clamping hubs, interference fit couplings, threaded connections, splined joints, key joints and pin connections as well as gives recommendations on Molykote products applications for solving these products.
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Molykote lubricants application in metallurgy
Application of high-performance lubricants on metallurgy enterprises equipment contributes to extend maintenance intervals, increases reliability and resources, improves output goods quality. This brochure gives recommendation on application greases, pastes, anti-friction coatings and other type materials of Molykote range for repair and maintenance of work-pieces continuous casting, rolling mills, air compressors, electric motors and other metallurgical equipment units of different kinds.
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Molykote lubricants for brake system
To solve the problems related to providing safety, reliability, comfort and high quality of automotive brake systems the engineers all over the world apply to Dow Corning Corporation to use the services and the products it offers. The brochure gives the recommendations on Molykote lubricants application on automotive disk and drum brake systems components. It also lists the services on mechanical, dynamic and physical-chemical testing of lubricating materials for application in automotive brake system units.
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