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Food equipment operates in a more reliable way with EFELE MP-491 Heat Resistant Paste
When EFELE MP-491 paste is used in the high-temperature units of the equipment which operates under high loads, devices’ reliability improves, the intervals between material replacements get longer, and production costs reduce.
Modengy anti-friction coatings increases service life of the axial type valves up to 5 times
Applying Modengy 1004 and Modengy 1005 anti-friction solid-lubricating coatings onto the parts of the rack and pinion mechanism has enabled to increase service life of the axial type valves up to 5 times.
EFELE SG-394 grease manages with extremely high temperatures in the units of the confectionery industry equipment
Due to EFELE SG-394 synthetic grease, confectionary enterprises have succeeded to prolong the inter maintenance intervals of the slow-speed, high-temperature the units used in the equipment.
Dow Corning AS-7096N adhesive-sealant will be available by reduced prices
Dow Corning AS-7096N silicone adhesive-sealant sell-out is on all over the Russian Federation territory up to August 31st, 2018 (inclusive).