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Volkswagen opts for Molykote EM-60L
Volkswagen factory applies Molykote EM-60L for rear door latch mechanism. It once applied in the phase of mafufacturing and provides for reliable latch oiperation during the whoole life of vehicle.
Manufacturers of NTC vibrating boards have chosen Molykote 3402-C LF coating
To achieve better reability of vibrating boards the NTC experts apply Molykote 3402-C LF coating on sealing plate power shaft
Manufacturers recommend to use Molykote FB-180 for ball valve gaskets
The consistent lubricant Molykote FB-180 has been highly appreciated by manufacturers of ball valves and approved for lubricating of ball valve sealing rings.
Molykote greases will be applied in production of oil and gas equipment electric drives
The Molykote greases Longterm 00 has successfully been tested and recommended to be applied in serial production of oil and gas equipment electric drives.