Assembly technology and the protection of threaded fasteners

Threaded connections are one of the most common types of detachable joints. Given their relevance and application of mass, ATF offers innovative solutions that will help you reduce the cost of maintenance and replacement of fasteners.

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Metallurgy - ahead towards the new aims!

Provide efficient operation at extreme operating conditions, reduce downtime and emergency cases, increase productivity, profitability and competitive ability on a global scale.

Engineering solutions for the oil and gas industry equipment

Oil and gas industry is a strategic direction of the economy and is experiencing rapid rise. Using the latest technologies, materials and technical solutions, you get a significant competitive advantage.

Specialty materials for Chemical Industry

The constantly growing regulatory requirements and competition, the maintenance and energy costs and the new safety standards complicate the works in the Chemical Industry very much. Learn how our materials will help you to sort all this out.

Bonding and sealing innovations

Nowadays none industry goes without silicone and MS-sealants, anaerobic agents and cyanacrylates, epoxy resins and structural adhesives. We offer only advanced bonding and sealing technologies from the top manufacturers. Raise your business to the next level!

Engineering solutions for the automotive

Automotive industry has reached unprecedented heights, but every day continues to evolve and improve. We offer for vehicles their latest developments.

Molykote Anti-Friction Coatings

Dry lubricant technology - an innovative solution in the field of lubrication technology. Learn how to gain a competitive advantage with anti-friction coatings Molykote from Dow Corning.

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Modern lubricants technology for energy

Energy has become a major area of economic activities of man. We know how to maximize the reliability of the various systems of transformation and distribution of all types of energy resources.

Molykote D-10-GBL Anti-Friction Coating for extending piston and cylinder unit service life
Smart Solutions for friction management
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Noncorrosive fasteners seizure prevention during mounting/dismantling

Molykote antifriction coatings and thread pastes are an effective solution for protection of noncorrosive fasteners against seizure during mounting/dismantling and for friction control in the threaded connection.

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Online matching-the-given-features lubricants selection How does it work?

Merbenit products for bonding and sealing in shipbuilding

  • Bonding
  • Advantages
  • Seam sealing
  • Vibration
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