Engineering solutions in the field of
lubricants and sealants


Automotive industry has already reached unprecedented heights and keeps developing and improving day by day. We offer our latest advanced projects for motor-vehicle manufacture.

Use our solutions to provide maximum efficiency to your production and long lasting service live to your motor-vehicles!

Since a motor-car was invented it has proved undeniable benefits and advantages over the other types of transport. Nowadays a car is not just a means of movement but a complex set of new ideas, inventions and designs. The most advanced science achievements, up-to-date materials and technologies need to be involved during motor-vehicles production to meet requirements of the most strict consumers.

The top world manufacturers use our materials during car and automotive components assembly.

ATF engineers has designed a great deal of solutions for variety of motor-car mechanisms, units and systems.

Due to its professional approach, rich experience in the area of sealing, lubricating and bonding technologies as well as high quality of the materials we offer, ATF company has gained trust of its customers.  Our solutions for motor-vehicles bring us only positive feedback from the manufacturers and the customers!