• How to prevent typical problems in the Assembly and operation of pumps of systems of water and heat supply?

    The use of modern materials and lubrication technologies to create systems for water and heat supply systems durable, reliable pumps with high energy efficiency.

  • The choice of heat-resistant lubricant Molykote node power valves

    A brief overview of the range of heat-resistant Molykote lubricants operating at temperatures above +400 °C will help to choose the most optimum for a specific application version.

  • Increase performance and build quality with Molykote Pastes

    The article provides recommendations and characteristics of Molykote Assembly Pastes, which will help the engineer to choose the pasta for the solution of specific technical problems in process optimization of Assembly and improve the reliability of the press connection.

  • A lubricant for the pipeline fitting units in the rubber/metal friction pairs

    About 75% of failures of the pipeline fitting units are related with increased friction within sealings. The test results prove that specialty lubricating materials for rubber/metal friction pairs significantly reduce the number of such failures.

  • Cold-resistant lubricant to the nodes of pipeline valves

    Wide application in the valve industry has received a cold-resistant grease Molykote on the basis of polyalphaolefin, polydimethylsiloxane, and polyphenylmethylsiloxane of perfluoropolyether oils with the lower limit operating temperature below -40 °C.

  • Merbenit SK212 sealant for glass bonding

    Glass for the windshields and rear windows as well as for portholes are usually installed with the help of the rubber sealing agents or are fixed on the special adhesive materials. The major advantage of the latter method is that the bonded glass becomes one of the power elements of the car body.

  • Dow Corning silicone specialty fluids

    Silicone specialty fluids as much as the other products from Dow Corning have high performances repeatedly confirmed during numerous tests and trials.

  • Floor coatings lie-down using Merbenit FB-50 adhesive and sealant

    The floor coating durability and performances depend not only on the draft floor preparation but also on the materials used for coating. The most effective means include Merbenit FВ50 one-part adhesive and sealant on a basis of MS-polymer.

  • Application of Permabond C910 cyanoacrylate adhesive for fixing information signs and nameplates

    Permabond C910 cyanoacrylate adhesive provides fast high-strength bonding of metals and a number of other materials. It is easy and convenient to use, and if you apply it in rational portions it enables to minimize the material consumption.

  • Permabond С735 cyanoacrylate adhesive for rubber and plastic bonding

    Permabond С735 cyanoacrylate adhesive has high elasticity, it guarantees reliable bonding of dissimilar flexible materials. Its service temperatures range is from -40 ºС to +120 ºС.

  • Dow Corning 7092 High Green Strength Adhesive and Sealant provides housing parts assembly productivity enhancement

    Dow Corning 7092 High Green Strength Adhesive and Sealant is designed for applications that require immediate assembly. It's innovation in industrial assembly and maintenance materials. The article presents the data on its typical properties, describes its features and benefits in comparison with traditional adhesives and sealants.

  • Molykote Anti-Friction Coatings for Valves

    Molykote Anti-Friction Coatings developed by Dow Corning corporation are an alternative to traditional greases and are widely used by global pipe fittings manufacturers.

  • Molybdenum disulfide influence on the tribological properties of the commercial lubricants and oils

    This article presents general conclusions on the results of both theoretical and experimental researches concerning molyblenum disulfide and MoS2-based oil dispersions influence on the tribological values of the commercial oils and lubricants.

  • Merz+Benteli AG primers for Merbenit sealants

    Primers from Merz+Benteli AG are recommended for surface pretreatment when Merbenit adhesive-sealants based on MS-Hybrid polymers are used to bond the surfaces difficult to be bonded.

  • Molykote greases performances and selection

    The article covers Molykote greases properties and features which are defined by certain combinations of the base oils and thickeners used in their formulas. It also describes general principles of greases selection according to service conditions, structural materials of the friction units, operational and structural factors.

  • Molykote greases

    This article covers issues of Molykote greases purpose, main features and operating prnciples, it also contains general information about their composition.

  • Methods antifriction coatings

    The article deals with how Molykote antifriction coatings on metal and plastic surfaces. Recommendations to control the thickness of antifriction coatings and their removal (cleaning).

  • Molykote Separator Spray as a high performance lubricant for running tracks

    Molykote Separator Spray lubricant for the running tracks will help you to keep their optimal working characteristics.

  • Molykote lubricating Oils

    The article presents the data on Molykote lubricating oils, their composition and applications.

  • What are anti-friction coatings and their advantages in comparison with greases?

    The article lists the advantages of Molykote anti-friction coatings, presents typical examples of their application.

  • Molykote Metal Protector Plus anti-corrosive coating

    The article describes main characteristics of Molykote Metal Protector Plus anti-corrosive coating, its main features and properties, as well as gives examples of its application for household and industrial purposes in different industries.

  • Covering Molykote Metalform

    The protective coating is Molykote Metalform effective solution scuffing and burrs on the surface of the workpiece during operations forming and protects the product from corrosion during transportation and storage.

  • Xiameter products

    At present Xiameter products rage includes silicone rubbers, fluids and emusions, antifoamers, sealants, resines and other materials of different brands from Dow Corning Corporation well enough known and popular worldwide, so there is no need to introduce them or provide technical support.

  • Molykote lubricants based on molybdenum disulfide

    The article presents features and advantages of Molykote lubricants based on molybdenum disulfide, describes some examples of their application.

  • How to remove silicone sealant

    How can you remove silicone sealant? Dow Corning OS-2 solvent is your problem solution. The article covers the solvent typical properties and benefits.

  • Molykote penetrating lubricants

    The article lists requirements towards penetrating lubricants, advantages of Molykote penetrating greases and some examples of their application.

  • Applications of Molykote lubricants based on lithium

    The article features and advantages of Molykote greases based on lithium, describes some examples of their application.

  • Dow Corning 340 heat-conducting compound

    The articles presents advantages of using Dow Corning 340 heat-conducting paste, its properties and examples of application.

  • Applications of Molykote silicone lubricants

    The article presents main special features and advantages of silicone greases and other Molykote silicone products, some examples of their application.

  • Multipurpose Molykote Multilub Grease

    The article presents main problems you can solve with the help of universal lithium based Molykote Multilub grease, its main performances, possible fields of application and examples of use.

  • Molykote L-0500 aluminium-and-zinc corrosion protection coating

    The article presents main characteristics and properties of Molykote L-0500 corrosion protection coating, examples of its application in different industries equipment.

  • Molykote Cu-7439 Plus copper paste

    The article presents main features of Molykote Cu-7439 Plus copper lubricant and real cases of its application at enterprises of different industries, gives recommendations on how to apply the paste.

  • What are food grade approved greases and what are they for?

    The article covers the main requirements towards the lubricating materials for Food & Beverage Industry. It gives the definitions for H1, H2 & H3 approval categories as well as the recommendations on selecting a food grade approved lubricant subject to the current valid standards in this field.

  • Molykote A Dispersion for improving lubricants performances

    Molykote A Dispersion is used as additive to oils for heavy loaded sliding and rolling bearings, sliding guides, spindles, gear wheels and internal-combustion engine.

  • Molykote gear oils

    The article covers the dirrent kinds of reduction gears operating conditions and describes major requirements towards the lubricating materials used in them. It also offers a list of Molykote brand gear oils and their general description.

  • All-purpose Molykote oils

    The article covers the all-purpose lubricating oils applicaton conditions for industrial production. It also offers the list of Molykote brand all-purpose lubricating oils and their general description.

  • Molykote protective and technological coatings

    The article provides general data on protective and technological coatings, covers the issues of Molykote coatings application for anti-corrosion protection of metal surfaces as well as during metal forming operating procedure and for getting welded joints.

  • Water washout-resistant Molykote G-1502 FM Grease

    Dow Corning Corporation has designed synthetic Molykote G-1502 FM Grease for long lasting lubrication of bearings, gear transmissions, chains, cams, valves, planetary drives and other heavy loaded units where water washout out of the friction zone is critically unacceptable. This new material manages effectively where the other greases fail.

  • Molykote Hydraulic Oils

    The article covers the hydraulic systems operating conditions and major requirements towards the service fluids used on them. It also offers the list of the Molykote hydraulic oils and their general description.

  • Molykote graphite grease

    The article presents properties and advantages of Molykote graphite greases and some examples of their application.

  • Molykote Separator Spray Silicone Aerosol Lubricant

    You can see Molykote Separator Spray silicone lubricant in aerosol form typical performances as well as examples of its use on different equipment units. There are also instructions how to apply the lubricant.

  • Molykote Compressor Oils

    The article covers the dirrent kinds of compressors operating conditions and describes major requirements towards the lubricating materials used in them. It also offers a list of Molykote brand compressor oils and their general description.

  • Molykote 1000 Thread Paste

    The article considers the problem of threaded connections failure during dismantling and gives recommendations and examples of application of Molykote 1000 paste for threaded connections.

  • Merbenit hybrid adhesives and sealants. Applications and classification.

    Merbenit hybrid sealants are the latest developments result in the elastic materials field. They are produced on basis of MS-polymers and integrate the best properties of the materials on basis of silicones and polyurethanes.

  • Растворитель для удаления застывших силиконов Dow Corning DS-2025

    Растворитель Dow Corning DS-2025 эффективно удаляет отложения полимеризовавшихся силиконов с поверхностей труб, бойлерных линий, котлов и другого производственного оборудования.

  • Molykote D-321R solid dry lubricant on base of molybdenum disulfide for chains

    The article considers main advantages of application Molykote D-321R anti-friction coating for longterm lubrication of the chains operating under dusty conditions.

  • Dow Corning 7091 silicone sealant/ adhesive applications

    The article contains main requirements towards universal sealants, their features, examples of application of Dow Corning 7091 universal silicone adhesive/sealant.

  • Molykote HSC Plus electrical conductive paste

    The article shows possible fields of application of Molykote HSC Plus electrical conductive paste, its main advantages and ways of use.

  • Dow Corning 736 Heat Resistant Sealant

    Dow Corning 736 is a one-part silicone heat resistant sealant, food-grade approved. It performs at temperatures ranging from -65 upto +315°С and is used for sealing and bonding applications exposed to high temperatures as bonding, sealing, potting, encapsulating and protective coating.

  • Dow Corning 704 Vacuum Fluid

    Dow Corning 704 (DC-704) Vacuum Fluid which is recommended by many vacuum equipment manufacturers, were designed to get ultra high and ultra pure vacuum by fast pumping out big volumes of gas and vapours in diffusion vaccum pumps.

  • Molykote Chain Oils

    The article discribes the chain-drives operatinal conditions and typical requirements towards lubricating materials that are used for their running. It also provides the Molykote chain oils range and their general technical data.

  • Molykote Vacuum Oils

    The article covers the vaccum pumps operating conditions and major requirements towards the lubricating materials used on them. It also offers a list of Molykote brand vacuum oils and their general description.

  • Xiameter Silicone Oils

    Silicones are considered the materials of 21st century. And it`s a true statement taking into account their rarely wide application, both in household and in different industries. Besides their flexible technical characterictics these materials have chemical inertness, thermo- and frost resistance. All this enables the silicones to keep abreast of progress and meet the most serious needs and requirements.

  • Permabond А131 anaerobic adhesive and sealant for pipe threads sealing

    Thread sealing in the water supply systems and the gas pipelines with Permabond A131 anaerobic adhesive and sealant application is the most up-to-date and the most relible way of nowadays for the enterprises in any industry.

  • Dow Corning heat-resistant sealants

    Dow Corning heat-resistant sealants are able to operate in joints at the temperatures from -65 to +350° С as sealing, bonding, protective, gasketing and encapsulating media.

  • General information about the silicone compound Molykote and Dow Corning and their application

    Provides an overview of silicone compound as a specific category of consumables Molykote and Dow Corning, which combines a lubricating, sealing, insulating and conductive properties when used in mobile and fixed joints.

  • Molykote L-1146FM Synthetic Gear Oil for the worm gears in the food industry equipment

    Due to Molykote L-1146FM lubricating oil use on the food producing enterprises' equipment, the continuous service life of the worm gears has extended 4.5 times longer and reached 9000 hours.

  • Molykote solid powder lubricating materials

    The article contains general data about Molykote solid powder lubricating materials which are used as a dry-firm lubricant for friction pairs and as additives at composite materials manufacturing as well as as fillers for liquid and grease lubricants production.

  • Molykote M-55 Dispersion to increase the lubricating oils efficiency

    Molykote M-55 molybdenum disulfide dispersion in mineral oil used as an additive to the mineral industrial oils enables to achieve a positive package effect that is the more smooth running-in process, the lower wear intensity and friction losses.

  • The coatings increasing automotive fastener performance properties

    Specialty Molykote coatings provide a full set of the required performance properties and effectively solve the whole set of the challenges related to the automotive fasteners.

  • Solving primary operation tasks of threaded connections at the oil & gas processing enterprises

    Molykote P-74 Paste provides fastener durable protection and prevents araising typical assembly and disassembly problems with them. According to the test results held at the oil and gas processing enterprised it is recommended to be used during all high temperature threaded connections assembly.