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lubricants and sealants


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Permabond presents a wide choice of bonding materials including anaerobic and cyanoacrylic adhesives, structural acrylic adhesives, medical adhesives, UV light curable adhesives as well as  single- and two-part epoxies and as an addition activators, cleaners and primers. The most up-to-date adhesive technologies are used for Permabond materials manufacture. All Permabond products are of high quality, reliability and efficiency. Permabond engineers keep working at improving their products what enables to create materials that meet nowadays technical requirements.

Permabond materials history spans more than 50 years. For this time period Permabond brand name has strengthened strongly on the markets of Europe, Northern America, Asia. Permabond adhesives are used in medicine, machinery construction, energy sector, aerospace industry, in oil-and-gas field for purposes of threaded connections sealing (water pipeline, fire-extinguishing system), for furniture manufacture as well as in other industries, on transport and in different spheres of the national economy.