Engineering solutions in the field of
lubricants and sealants


Friction control additive in powder form.


  • Applications
  • Advantages
  • Problems to be solved with this material
  • Related videos
  • The combination of materials
  • Features



Reduction of fading
Improvement of friction recovery
Stabilization of friction
Reduction of vibration
Improvement of comfort
Reduction of pad wear
Reduction of rotor wear
Prevention of DTV
Antimony- and lead-free (“according to End-of-Life Vehicles Directive ELV”)


Molykote Lubolid Additive Powders are suitable for use in the following applications:

Pads of disc brakes for passenger cars and commercial vehicles
Linings for drum brakes
Pads for rail road disc brakes
Brake shoes for rail road wheel brakes
General industrial brake linings
Clutch linings


  • Termal (heat) resistance
  • Working capacity in dust
  • Compatible with many plastics
  • Lead-free

Problems to be solved with this material

  • Dust sticking onto lubricating surfaces
  • Plastic and elastomer details deformation and destruction
  • Liquid and consistent lubricants application failure

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Material combination in friction pair

  • Metal - Metal
  • Metal - Plastic
Стандарт Показатель Ед. изм. Значение
Форма продукта Легко сыпучий порошок
Антифрикционные добавки (наполнители)Дисульфид молибдена, графит и другие твердые смазочные материалы
Содержание воды%1,0
Остаток на фильтре с размером ячеек 100 мкм% 0.9
Диапазон рабочих температур°Сдо +650
Теоретическая плотность в твердом состоянииг/см3 3,26
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