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This item’s formula has been changed. The new item is Molykote D-96-NTP. Air drying water-based coating for light loads and anti-squeak properties.

Operating temperatures

-40°C +80°C


  • Applications
  • Friction units
  • Advantages
  • Problems to be solved with this material
  • The combination of materials
  • Features



Cured film has an operating temperature range of -60 to 240°C (-76 to 464°F)


Recommended for the lubrication/corrosion protection of metal/metal and metal/plastic pairings under low to medium loads.
Applied coating is a solid film lubricant designed to provide lubrication properties and corrosion protection plus a high quality surface finish.
Automotive applications for this material include safety belt components, transmission parts, door locks, etc.

It is used in friction

  • Sliding guideways
  • Gaskets


  • Cold resistance
  • Chemical resistance
  • Working capacity in moisture
  • Working capacity in dust
  • Good adhesion strength
  • Good water washout resistance
  • Compatible with many plastics
  • Air drying
  • Avoidance of stick-slip
  • Excellent anti-squeak performance for plastics and leather

Problems to be solved with this material

  • Stick-slip motion
  • Dust sticking onto lubricating surfaces
  • Dust intrusion into lubricating points and abrasive wear
  • Lubricant wash-out
  • Lubricant destruction of chemically active medium exposure
  • Lubricants leaking off or emission due to centrifugal forces
  • Frequent re-lubrication
  • Plastic and elastomer details deformation and destruction
  • Friction squeaking of plastics and leather
  • Liquid and consistent lubricants application failure

Material combination in friction pair

  • Metal - Plastic
  • Plastic - Plastic
  • Plastic - Leather
  • Leather - Leather
Стандарт Показатель Ед. изм. Значение
Антифрикционные добавки (наполнители)Твердые смазочные материалы: политетрафторэтилен (ПТФЭ)
Прочие составляющиеОрганический связующий агент (полиуретан), вода, стабилизатор
CTM 0242 IСодержание нелетучего остатка%48
Диапазон рабочих температур°Сот -40 до +80
DIN 53 211/4Условная вязкость при 20 °С (тигль DIN4)с18
DIN 53 213Температура вспышки°C70
DIN 53 217/2Плотность при 20 °Сг/см31,3
CTM 0007 ApH при 20 °С8
Срок годности при хранениилет0,75
DIN 53 375-BКоэффициент трения покоя / скольжения (механизм анти-скрип)0,2/0,14
Время сушки при 20 °Смин10-15
Условия отверждения (выдержка/температура)мин/°С120/23