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An agent for fast cleaning and degreasing the metal surfaces, the working surfaces of the brake systems, chain gears, friction clutches, electric contacts, as well as for removing the conservation compounds, and grease lubricants.


200 ML520 ML1 L4,5 L
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Shake the aerosol can with the cleaner several times.

Spray out its content onto the surface from the distance of 15 to 20 cm until it gets completely covered.

If the surface is heavily contaminated, wipe it with a clean rag or a cloth.

If necessary, repeat spraying process.

Wait for several minutes until the cleaner completely evaporates.


  • The multi-component formula of this cleaner provides removal of the contaminations of various chemical nature, such as oil products, silicone oils, conservation compounds, adsorbed films, gases, moisture, etc.
  • It evaporates fast and leaves no residues
  • It doesn’t cause corrosion

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