Engineering solutions in the field of
lubricants and sealants


Sealing frost- and thermo-resistant food grade grease based on a silicone base oil of high viscosity, and polyalphaolephin. It is resistant to washing-off with water, compatible with most of plastics, elastomers, and ceramic seals. It is suitable for use in the gas and water supply systems

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Operating temperatures

-40°C +160°C


  • Applications
  • Friction units
  • Advantages
  • Problems to be solved with this material
  • Video review
  • The combination of materials
  • Features


  • Seals of the food industry equipment where it is required to use the NSF H1 food grade lubricating materials (such as cutters, bottling lines, pipelines, valve fittings, pasteurizers, homogenizers, etc.)
  • Seals for industrial and household gas fittings (such as taps, valves, cooking gas stoves, boilers and water heaters, gas meter units)
  • Units of pipelines fittings including those operating in contact with drinking water (ceramic disks, rubber seals, plastic components)
  • Water purification filter seals
  • Pneumo- and hydro-systems seals
  • Sealing and insulating electrical contacts
  • Food autoclave seals

It is used in friction

  • Gaskets
  • Electrical contacts


  • Cold resistance
  • Termal (heat) resistance
  • Working capacity in moisture
  • Meets NSF H1 classification for incedental food contact
  • Good water washout resistance
  • Long service life
  • Compatible with many plastics
  • Compatible with many elastomers
  • Avoidance of stick-slip
  • Easy mounting / dismounting
  • Resistance to washing-off with detergents and disinfecting solutions

Problems to be solved with this material

  • Stick-slip motion
  • Lubricant wash-out
  • Frequent re-lubrication
  • Difficult mounting / dismounting
  • Plastic and elastomer details deformation and destruction

Video review

Material combination in friction pair

  • Metal - Metal
  • Metal - Plastic
  • Metal - Elastomer
  • Metal - Ceramic
  • Plastic - Plastic
  • Plastic - Elastomer
  • Elastomer - Ceramic
Стандарт Показатель Ед. изм. Значение
Базовое маслоСиликоновое
Антифрикционные добавки (наполнители)ПТФЭ
Диапазон рабочих температур°Сот -40 до +160
DIN 51562Кинематическая вязкость базового масла при 40 °Смм2/c3100
DIN 51562Кинематическая вязкость базового масла при 100 °Смм2/c1200
DIN ISO 2137Пенетрация перемешанной смазки (60 циклов)мм/10220 - 250
Класс консистенции по NLGI3
DIN 51817Выделение масла (18 ч, 90 °С)%≤ 1,5
DIN 51807 ч.1Водостойкость (3 ч, 90 °C)ст. эмульгирования1