Engineering solutions in the field of
lubricants and sealants


General-purpose multifunctional agent for household and industrial use.

Operating temperatures

-50°C +50°C


  • Applications
  • Friction units
  • Advantages
  • Problems to be solved with this material
  • Video review
  • Features


It is dispersion of solid lubricants in the mineral oil with high penetration capability and anticorrosive properties for rust removal, dismantling facilitation and metal surfaces lubrication. It restores unit mobility, cleans and protects components against corrosion.

It is used in friction

  • Rolling bearings
  • Sliding bearings
  • Sliding guideways
  • Chains
  • Linear bearings
  • Open gears
  • Cargo cables
  • Cased control cables
  • Cased flexible shafts
  • Interference fits
  • Threaded connections
  • Strips
  • Spline / key joints
  • Electrical contacts
  • General


  • Convenient and pratical package: plactic can doesn't subject to corrosion, its removable bottom can be used as compartment for small items storage
  • Cold resistance
  • In its composition there are corrosion inhibitors which increase protective propertive of the product
  • Good anticorrosion properties (good corrosion protection)
  • High penetration
  • Compatible with many plastics
  • Compatible with many elastomers
  • Easy-to-use aerosol package
  • It diplaces moisture and forms water-proof protective film
  • High anti-wear and lubricating properties due to combined action of solid and liquid lubricating substances
  • Easy mounting / dismounting

Problems to be solved with this material

  • Contaminations
  • Breach of mobility of the units
  • Corrosion
  • Frequent re-lubrication
  • Difficult mounting / dismounting
  • Lubrication points inaccessibility

Video review

Стандарт Показатель Ед. изм. Значение
Базовое маслоМинеральное
Антифрикционные добавки (наполнители)Твердые смазочные материалы
ПрисадкиИнгибитор коррозии
Прочие составляющиеСтабилизаторы, растворитель
Диапазон рабочих температур°Сот -50 до +50
Условная вязкость при 20 °С (тигль DIN4)с12,5
Плотность при 20 °Сг/см30,85
Нагрузка сваривания (испытание на четырехшариковой машине трения, 1450 об/мин/10 с),Н1200
Показатель износа (испытание на четырехшариковой машине трения, 1450 об/мин/400 Н/1 ч)мм0,72