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Materials: Xiameter
Specific Fluid Xiameter PMX-561


Is chemically equivalent to DOW CORNING(R) 561 SILICONE TRANSFORMER LIQUID. Silicone transformer liquid engineered to meet the demand of a dielectric coolant for transformers with good high temperature properties, low toxicity and flammability


Technical Data Sheet - Xiameter PMX-561 Material Safety Data Sheet - Xiameter PMX-561





• Meets the requirements of both IEC 836 and ASTM D 4652-92
• Essentially non-toxic
• Environmentally safe
• Non-halogenated
• Compatible with a wide range of solid electrical insulating materials
• Contains no additives
• Classified as non-hazardous
• High thermal stability and oxidation resistance
• Higher fire point and lower heat release rate than other types of class K insulating liquids
• Good electrical properties and operating capabilities over a wide temperature range
• Non-sludging


• Cooling and insulating liquid for transformers and other electrical equipment.