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Materials: Dow Corning
Specific Fluid Dow Corning 705


500ml 3,8kg


Special Properties

Thermal stability; resists oxidation; chemically inert


Dow Corning 705 Diffusion Pump Fluid is a colorless to straw-colored, singlecomponent fluid designed for ultrahigh vacuum applications in the range of 10-9 to 10-10 torr (untrapped) and 10-11 torr (trapped). The vapor pressure andbackstreaming rate of Dow Corning 705 Diffusion Pump Fluid are so low that use of traps or refrigeration is unnecessary for some ultrahigh and ultraclean vacuum applications. It has the highest phenyl content of all silicone diffusion pump fluids and the best resistance to radiation.
High spontaneous ignition temperature makes this fluid ideal for use in humanrated space simulation chambers.