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Materials: Dow Corning
Sealant Dow Corning Q4-2805


One part, fuel- and oil-resistant compound


Material Safety Data Sheet - Dow Corning Q4-2805 Technical Data Sheet - Dow Corning Q4-2805

Operating temperatures

-55°C +200°C


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Superior sealing characteristics under exposure to fuels and oils
Easily injected and reinjected
Maintains consistency over wide temperature range from 55°C to +200°C
Good tack adhesion
Essentially unaffected by shock, vibration and thermal cycling
Contains no catalyst or curing agent
Withstands immersion in fuels and exposure to fuel vapours in temperatures up to +200°C
Contains flow-control particles
Excellent flow characteristics provide faster injection at reduced pressures
Meets MIL-S-85334(AS)


Primarily used as groove injection sealants for aircraft fuel tanks.
Also suitable for various sealing applications that require a noncuring sealant.
The sealant is injected directly by air gun into the grooves of integral fuel tank systems during fabrication or maintenance. Upon exposure to common fuels, this sealant will swell slightly, tightening the seal during service. This characteristic is especially beneficial when, as a result of aerodynamic heating, expansion of fuel and fuel vapours may cause internal tank pressure.
Стандарт Показатель Ед. изм. Значение
Внешний вид (консистенция)Незатвердевающая паста
°СДиапазон рабочих температурот -55 до +200
CTM 0022, ASTM D 792г/млУдельный вес1,37
днейСрок годности1440