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Materials: Dow Corning
Sealant Dow Corning 92-009


Air-drying, one-part silicone material.


Technical Data Sheet - Dow Corning 92-009 Material Safety Data Sheet - Dow Corning 92-009





Dow Corning 92- 009 Dispersion Coating is a single component, room temperature curing silicone rubber material. The coating is easily applied by brushing, dipping, pouring, or spraying, and cures within 72 hours to a tough, transparent, rubbery film.
Similar to other Dow Corning silicones, Dow Corning 92- 009 Dispersion Coating resists weathering, ozone, chemicals, moisture, ice, and ultraviolet radiation at temperatures up to 260°C (500°F).

Additional features include:

Excellent adhesion
Excellent release properties


Dow Corning 92- 009 Dispersion Coating is a highly versatile material used to protect various parts and substrates on missiles, rockets, aircraft, and launch equipment from corroding
and eroding. The coating has also been successfully applied to electrical and steel cables; fuel transfer lines; structural members and undersides of aircraft; engine cases and struts;
fan blades used in wind tunnels; and radar antennae.