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Materials: Dow Corning
Sealant Dow Corning 3525


One part, high performance, moisture curing sealant.


Material Safety Data Sheet - Dow Corning 3525 Technical Data Sheet - Dow Corning 3525

Operating temperatures

-55°C +180°C


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Excellent adhesion to a wide range of metals and plastics
Excellent weathering properties; outstanding UV resistance
Non-corrosive, neutral curing
Non-slump, ready to use
Short tack-free time
Suitable for up to +180°C in unconfined conditions
Remains flexible at -55°C
Solvent free: low shrinkage
Good mechanical properties: high tear strength, elongation and tensile strength


For applications which demand a strong but flexible bond, such as when bonding or sealing materials of differing thermal expansion rates.
Gives excellent unprimed adhesion to materials including painted and unpainted steel, aluminium and glass; adhesion to engineering plastics including ABS, polycarbonate, polyester types and suitably prepared polypropylene, is excellent.
Many applications are in mass transit sector, for example in trains, buses and coaches.


  • Neutral curing system