Is chemically equivalent DOW CORNING(R) 36G. 35-% actives non-ionic emulsion formulated with polydimethilsiloxane.

Applications Ц


Х Ready to use non-ionic emulsion
Х Provides gloss and water repellency
Х Good wetting and slip characteristics
Х General purpose release agent
Х Does not contain alkylphenolethoxylates (APEO)
Х Complies with Detergent Regulation (EC) No. 648/2004
Х Good emulsion stability.
Х Dilutions up to 130 parts water to 1 part emulsion are possible so that optimum concentration of silicone may be used with no excess waste.
Х Good freeze-thaw stability (5 cycles)


XIAMETER MEM-0036 Emulsion has been specially formulated for use as polish
ingredient and release agent/lubricant either Уas receivedФ or Уpre-dilutedФ with water.
Its formulation, stability and efficiency can lead to a variety of applications. These
Х As ingredient in polishes, XIAMETER MEM-0036 Emulsion is used to provide
good gloss with minimum smear in both car and furniture polish formulations
Х Mould release of:
Х Rubber or plastic parts (stoppers, screw tops, bungs, etc.)
Lubrication of:
Х Extruded rubber parts; conveyor belts
Х Textile lubricant: Yarn manufacture; Sewing thread lubrication; Hosiery manufacture; Sewing needle lubrication; Glass fabric exhaust filters.