Is chemically equivalent DOW CORNING(R) 1890 PROTECTIVE COATING GRAY. Silicone RTV in solvent dispersion.

Applications Ц


Х Provides excellent moisture resistance and protection from sand and dust particles
Х Ease of handling (can be applied in the field or shop by brushing or spraying)
Х Good electrical insulating properties
Х Adhesion to painted or unpainted metal, glass and wood surfaces
Х Room temperature cure
Х Flexibility from -75 to 350∞F (-59 to 177∞C) for continuous use and up to 400∞F (204∞C) for intermittent use
Х Resistance to ultraviolet radiation, weathering
Х Tack-free within 25 minutes; forms rubbery overcoat in a few hours
Х FDA 21 CFR 177.2600


XIAMETERЃ CTG-1890 Protective Coating Gray is a general purpose coating material providing extra protection to such electrical equipment as:
Х Motor stator windings Ц Protects insulated motor windings from: dust occurring in quarries, cement plants, mines, taconite mills; moisture in dairies, food processing plants, paper mills, bottling plants; chemicals in tanneries, packing and dye houses, fertilizer plants
Bus bars Ц Exposed bus bars can be quickly coated by brushing on XIAMETER CTG- 1890 Protective Coating Gray
Х Splices and connectors Ц Provides insulated splices with additional protection against ultraviolet radiation, water and moisture; exposed connections covered with this coating are protected against contaminants and corrosive fumes
Х Transformers Ц Insulates the tops of distribution transformers and prevents short circuits caused by animals bridging between exposed terminals and the grounded tanks; also prevents short circuiting caused by birds or animals on other equipment
Х Wooden pole tops and insulator pins Ц Prevents pole-top damage resulting from weathering and moisture when used to seal the end-grains of wooden poles; applied to wooden insulator pins and crossarms; prevents damage due to current tracking and subsequent burning