Is chemically equivalent DOW CORNING(R) 1500 ANTIFOAM. 100% active silicone fluid containing a suspension of finely powdered silica to enhance its defoaming efficiency. Food grade antifoam.

Applications Ц


Х Odorless and tasteless
Х Effective in hot or cold processes
Х Sterilizable
Х Performs at low concentrations
Х Approved for food contact (see Food Regulation Status)
Х Free of raw materials derived from animals


Х Areas where a food-contact product is required due to the nature of the process (Food-contact substance: Any substance used as a component during the manufacture of articles, which in their finished state, are intended to be brought and/ or are brought temporarily or permanently in contact with foodstuffs)
Х Efficient in aqueous and nonaqueous foaming systems
Х Control of foam during dispersion of powdered agrochemical formulation in aqueous media
Х Control of foam by treatment of one component of a powder mix Ц the mix can then be dispersed with good foam control