Is chemically equivalent DOW CORNING(R) MSA ANTIFOAM COMPOUND. 100% active silicone antifoam compound.

Applications Ц


Х Highly efficient and persistent antifoam/defoamer
Х Easy to formulate into emulsions and dispersions
Х Dispersible in polar and non-polar solvents
Х Performance in aqueous or non-aqueous systems
Х High flash point
Х Efficient in aqueous and non-aqueous foaming systems


Х XIAMETERЃ ACP-1000 Antifoam Compound successfully controls foam in many APPLICATIONS in the chemical, oil and petroleum industry.

Typical uses include:
Х Asphalt processing
Х Adhesives
Х Epoxy resins
Х Pesticides

Emulsions of XIAMETER ACP-1000 Antifoam Compound are easily prepared using commercially available surfactants. These emulsions can be used in place of XIAMETER ACP-1000 Antifoam Compound in many APPLICATIONS, especially in aqueous systems.