Is chemically equivalent DOW CORNING(R) 544 ANTIFOAM COMPOUND.Water dispersable 100% active silicone antifoam compound containing hydrophobic silica, silicone surfactants and PDMS.

Applications Ц


Х Good shear and high temperature stability
Х Self emulsifying in water antifoam systems
Х Can also be used in a nonaqueous environment
Х De-aeration of detergent slurries leading to low process viscosity, denser powder and reduced manufacturing time
Х Suitable for a wide range of surfactants, over a wide range of pH and washing temperatures
Х Non-hazardous
Х Not dependent on water hardness
Х Excellent antifoaming action during the entire dyeing cycle but particularly during the pressurization stage
Х Easily diluted in cold water
Х Minimizes fabric staining and spotting


Х Slurry addition process aid: De-aeration leading to low process viscosity (easier pumping), denser powder and reduced manufacturing time.
Х Liquid detergents: Suitable for controlling foam in end-use APPLICATIONS of many liquid detergent products.
Х Jet dyeing machines: Effective antifoam for use in jet dyeing machines. It is well suited for a wide variety of general textile and carpet dyeing APPLICATIONS where foam is a problem.