Is chemically equivalent DOW CORNING(R) ANTIFOAM 1510 - US. 10% active, food-grade silicone emulsion designed to control foam in both hot and cold aqueous systems.

Applications Ц


Х Foam prevention in food and chemical processes
Х Free of raw materials derived from animals
Х Approved for food contact
Х Water-dilutable
Х Preservative to guard against microbial growth


XIAMETERЃ AFE-1510 Antifoam Emulsion can be in areas where a foodcontact approved product is required due to the nature of the process.
Х Food processing
Х Beverages
Х Vegetable washing
Х Cosmetic
Х Personal cleansers/conditioners
Х Agrochemical
Х Waste water treatment
Х Pesticide production