Two-part silicone elastomer for integrated compression seals.

Applications –


Two-part addition cure silicone elastomer
Hardness suitable for sealing applications under medium clamping loads
Non-sag nature yields accurate, uniform gasket beads of precise dimensions as defined by robot application parameters
User-friendly, easy to handle 1:1 mix ratio
Fast cure at elevated temperatures, no post-curing
Low compression set
Good adhesion to many substrates
Long term stability over a wide temperature range (-50єC to 200єC)
Does not require solvents, CFCs or other environmentally harmful materials for processing


XIAMETER RBL-9694-30P A&B is designed to be dispensed and cured directly on automotive and other industrial components to form integrated gaskets.
Typical applications include gaskets for components which require medium clamping forces, e.g. intake systems, front covers and throttle valves.