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  • Reviews

    Requirement are formed, properties are given, special characteristics and fields and applications for both certain products and some groups of materials for distribution

  • Lubricants for typical friction units

    Articles from ATF on how to use materials for distribution for typical friction units such as bearings, gear transmissions, sealants, threaded connections, etc.

  • Materials for industrial equipment

    It covers different industrial equipment units’ service problems. There are some solutions suggested for these problems solving with different materials. The suggested recommendations are based on the summarized successful introduction experience all over the territory of Russia.

  • Materials for motor-vehicles

    It covers the specific issues of different materials application for automotive industry as well as for different automotive units and systems repairs, dismantling, maintenance and storage.

  • Materials for the customer goods

    It covers the opportunities and demonstrates the examples of practical application of the materials for distribution for equipment, units and customer goods repairs and maintenance.

  • Sealants

    These articles consider range of applications, requirements and specific use of sealants, give examples of sealing materials for distribution practical use.