Engineering solutions in the field of
lubricants and sealants

Merbenit Materials. In Brief

The first sealing materials on basis of MS-hybrid polymers has developed and launched on to the market by the Europeran Merz+benteli ag company in 1986. Now this company offers a widest range of such adhesives and sealants under Merbenit trade mark to its customers all over the  world.

The uniqueness of the MS Polymers is in the possibility they give to create on their basis a new material to join the positive properties of the polyurethanes and the silicones and at the same time to avoid the weaknesses of each of these type materials. For example, Merbenit adhesives and sealants have high elasticity like the silicones and painting compatibility like the polyurethanes.

At the present times elastic bonding and sealing technologies are used in different industries and fields. They have proved to be more economically beneficial in comparison with mechanical fasteners and connecting methods. The final production result is the environment friendly and safe product. The finished items weight is as well significantly less.

Due to their excellent adhesive characteristics Merbenit adhesives and sealants are used for obtaining strong elastic bindings between various materials which absorbs vibrations very well and evenly distribute mechanical and thermal loads.

So, application of Merbenit adhesives and sealants based on MS-hybrid polymers contributes a lot to providing long-term service life of the finished items in various production fields and areas.

Merbenit MS-polymer sealants are manufactured at the plant located in Switzerland.  Merz+benteli ag Company carefully keeps and observes the highest quality standards, introduce the most up-to-date technologies and innovations to provide high level properties of their products, efficient production and environment protection.

Merbenit adhesives and sealants production is certified by and meets all international ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards norms.