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Materials: Xiameter
Specific Fluid Xiameter PMX-200 (100 000 cSt)


Is chemically equivalent to DOW CORNING(R) 200 FLUID, 100,000 CST. 100% active, 100,000 cSt, polydimethylsiloxane polymer.


Technical Data Sheet - Xiameter PMX-200 (100 000-1000 000 cSt) Material Safety Data Sheet - Xiameter PMX-200 (100 000 cSt)





• High-viscosity, cost-effective dimethicone conditioning agent
• High compressibility and shearability without breakdown
• High flash point
• High damping action
• High oxidation resistance
• Low fire hazard
• Low reactivity and vapor pressure
• Low surface energy
• Low pour point
• Good heat stability
• Nongreasy, nonocclusive and nonstinging on skin
• Essentially inert and nontoxic
• Excellent water repellent, release, dielectric and antifoam properties
• Soluble in a wide range of solvents


For industrial applications
• Effective foam control at low addition levels
For personal care applications
• Provides easy combing and detangling for wet or dry hair
• Provides lubricious, smooth feel to the hair
• Adds gloss and softness


• For foam control in petroleum production and refinery operations
• Conditioning agent for hair care products, particularly conditioning shampoos and rinse-off conditioners