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Materials: Merbenit
Primer Merbenit Primer V21


Colorless Adhesion Promoter based on silicone resins for MS-hybrid and silicone sealants, applicable on absorbent substrates.


Material Safety Data Sheet - Merbenit Primer V21


100ml 500ml 1l 10l
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Concrete, brick, etc.

The surfaced must be fat-free, clean and dry. The open-time is at +20°С at least 60 minutes. At latest 4 hours after putting on the Adhesion Promoter the application of the sealant or adhesive is to be done (at the longer waiting times the procedure must be repeated again).
Adhesion Promoter V21 is moisture-sensitive, contains flammable solvents. Immediately close the container after use.
This material may leave stains which are difficult to remove from the substrate. Do not wait until residues are dried up, remove immediately.

• Storage: dry and cool
• Shelf life: 12 months from production date in the unopened original packaging.
Стандарт Показатель Ед. изм. Значение
Внешний вид (консистенция) Жидкость средней вязкости
°СНижняя рабочая температура+10
г/см3 Плотность в состоянии порошка0,921 +/- 0,02
минВремя сушки при 20 °Сминимум - 60, максимум - 240