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Materials: Dow Corning
Silicone Cleaner Dow Corning OS-2


Non Ozone depleting, VOC exempt, Silicone cleaner to clean Plastic and Metals, excellent for removing oils, silicone-based car wax and protectants.


Техническое описание - Dow Corning OS-2 Material Safety Data Sheet - Dow Corning OS-2





Non-ozone-depleting, VOC exempt (VOC = 0 g/liter)
Safe on plastics, noncorrosive to metals
Especially effective on uncured silicones, residues, oils
Softens cured silicones
Essentially odorless
Negligible global warming
Free recycling program in North America
Evaporates completely at room temperature
Relatively low toxicity
Diluent for many types of oils, lubricants, coatings and silicone polymers
Low surface tension allows rapid spreading for superior removal of soil in tight spaces
Not a hazardous air pollutant


Dow Corning OS-2 Silicone Cleaner and Surface Prep Solvent can help meet environmental regulations in areas such as transportation, industrial maintenance, repair and operations; utilities; and food processing. Typical applications include cleaning plastics, fiberglass and components; precleaning
surfaces prior to painting, sealing and bonding; degreasing bearings, nuts, bolts, chains and conveyor belts; removing silicone-based car wax andprotectants; and removing silicone pressure-sensitive adhesives (labels).