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Materials: Dow Corning
Sealant Dow Corning EA-2626 (+Q3-3636 Catalyst Grey)


Dow Corning EA-2626 Adhesive is a 2-component, non self-leveling adhesive with fast cure at room temperature. The product has been developed to show good, durable adhesion to a range of substrates including plastics, metals and glass.


Technical Data Sheet - Dow Corning EA-2626 Base + Dow Corning Q3-3636 Catalyst Material Safety Data Sheet - Dow Corning EA 2626 BASE Material Safety Data Sheet - Dow Corning Q3-3636 Catalyst grey


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2-component adhesive/sealant
Fast cure at room temperature
Neutral alkoxy cure
Non self-leveling, paste consistency
Good, durable adhesion
Excellent weathering, U.V. and heat resistance to 190°C


Dow Corning EA-2626 Adhesive has been developed to provide durable adhesive sealing for components which exhibit different thermal expansion rates, and /or where fast cure requirements make one part room temperature cure (RTV) adhesives inappropriate.
A typical example in automotive manufacturing is the bonding of polycarbonate or glass lenses to the reflector housing of headlamps and fog lamps.
Dow Corning EA-2626 Adhesive is also a perfect solution in appliances manufacturing, especially for oven and ceramic hob assembly, for bonding glass to metal, glass to painted metal or glass to plastic.


  • Neutral curing system
Стандарт Показатель Ед. изм. Значение
ЦветБаза - белый, катализатор - черный
Внешний вид (консистенция)База - паста, катализатор - вязкая жидкость
ASTM D 1084Па*с Динамическая вязкость при 25 °СБаза - 205, катализатор - 18-48
минВремя до образования первичной пленки6-9
минВремя сушки до потери липкости (при температуре 23°С и относительной влажности 50%)11-18
ASTM D 412МПаПредел прочности на разрыв>1,9
ASTM D 412%Относительное удлинение при разрыве>200
ASTM D 2240Твердость по Шору А43
ASTM D 1475г/млУдельный весБаза - 1,36; катализатор - 1,00; смесь базы и катализатора - 1,32
днейСрок годности360