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Sealant Dow Corning 3-6891


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Dow Corning 3-6891 One-Part Silicone Rubber Abradable Sealant Compound is a black, one-part abradable material that cures with heat to become a flexible rubber. Compared to other silicone products, it has the following unique combination of features:

• Low density
• High temperature stability
• High abradability/machinability

These features are particularly suited for the product’s use as an abradable seal and rubstrip for the compressor blades of jet engines, as well as for high-temperature thermal insulation.
The product meets United Technologies Pratt & Whitney specification PWA 36447.


Dow Corning 3-6891 One-Part Silicone Rubber Abradable Sealant Compound can be cast, troweled or injected into place using standard one-component processing equipment. A typical schedule for jet engine use cures the material for two hours at 300°F. Lower temperatures may require additional
time to reach full cure.
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