Engineering solutions in the field of
lubricants and sealants

General information about distribution materials

Applications of XIAMETER silicone antifoam agents
This guide includes classification of XIAMETER antifoam agent according to their application fields.
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Silicone adhesives-sealants for commercial purposes
This booklet covers the sealant curing mechanism, technologies, advantages and disadvantages of the two main types of sealing, typical properties and features of Dow Corning silicone sealants and Xiameter foams and rubbers. The approximate material consumption norms and examples of the suitable dispensering equipment are also presented.
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Innovative Merbenit adhesives and sealants on basis of MS polymers
Merbenit hybrid adhesives and sealants are the latest development results in the elastic materials field. Manufactured on basis of MS-polymers they combine the best polyurethanes and silicones properties and have their own unique perfomances at the same time. Read more about Merbenit adhesives and sealants applications and classification in further publications.
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Dow Corning silicone sealants for industrial assembly and repair
Dow Corning Corporation is the first one and the world leader in the field of design and production the products based on silicone technologies. This guidebook presents distinguishing specialties of Dow Corning silicone sealants, their description, basic and typical properties and fields of application of silicone sealants, primers and coatings as well as considers procedures of surface preparation, the sealants applying and curing.
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The guidebook on selection anti-friction coatings
Anti-Friction Coatings (AFC) are the materials consisting of high-dispersed solid lubricating particles in the mixture of solvents and binding agents. This guidebook describes the advantages of applying Molykote AFCs, considers scheme of their operation and differences from lubricants of other kinds. It also gives description of procedures of surface preparation, methods of applying AFCs as well as the results of their testing, typical features and properties of Molykote anti-friction coatings, some solutions on base of anti-frictions coatings for machinery components.
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The guidebook on selection lubricating materials
This is a concise guidebook on selection Molykote lubricating materials for typical friction units as well as containing recommendations on assembly and different maintenance operations. It presents descriptions and groups of Molykote lubricants range such as pastes, greases, compounds, industrial oils, coatings, dispersions.
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Industial Molykote lubricants (catalogue)
High-performance Molykote lubricating materials for maintenance from Dow Corning Corporation are the result of more than 60–year innovative designs of the world leader in the field of lubricating technologies. The brochure presents descriptions, fields of application, specialties, components of composition, basic features, methods of testing Molykote lubricants as well as terms glossary. It also covers lubrication problems in different frictions units and their solving with the help of certain Molykote products including those ones food grade approved.
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Basic grounds for lubricants selection
This paper describes basic requirements towards lubricating materials depending on operation conditions and friction units structure, gives Molykote lubricants classification per groups and further within each group, describes typical properties and specialties of applications of these groups. There is also a list of Molykote products to form a so called “mechanic’s first-aid kit”, or a repair box.
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Efele lubricating oils in food industry
Efele products for food industry are certified by international NSF international company and released to be used in food and pharmaceutical industry equipment. Application of Efele products having H1 NSF approval ensures product safety when lubricant has accident contact with food products during processing.
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Engineering guide of Permabond glues

During of a hulf a century history the Permabond company has achieved the most leading position in Europe, America and Asion. The guide contains all necessary information about anaerobic glues and sealants (threadlockers, pipe selants, lockers and sealants between bullet and casing) few second cyanoacrilate glues, epoxy resins, structural and UV Permabond glues, which over a number of years assist to engineers all over the world to provide for production quality, realibility and efficiency.

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