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Our team

Our team consists of high quality experts and efficient specialists who are recognized professionals in their subject. We promote and introduce into practice cutting-edge solutions on basis of innovative materials.

Internal Code

In our activity we are guided by respect for every persons dignity and worth, desire for social justice, openness and civil responsibility.

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Your precious knowledge and experience will obtain the recognition, you will be able to take a good position in our experts team and to create the future along with us.

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We provide you with a wide variety of opportunities for your talents, abilities, initiatives, professional and personal potential. Find your position among us!


We need new ideas and original approach to solving our customers tasks, thats why your ambitions and desire for new achievements will be in demand and estimated at their true worth.


As a part of the special program ATF Company gives the students of the technical colleges, institutes and universities an opportunity to enlarge their knowledge of theory with real experience and to get a closer understanding of our business practical aspect.